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USA, 1955 (MIFF 1957, Programme 1)

Director: Charles Eames, Ray Eames

A large collection of children's toys are used as the basis for a fast-moving animated impression of a circus parade.

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USA, 1955
A large collection of children's toys are used as the basis for a fast &ndash: moving animated impression of a circus parade, set to suitable music. ... More »

Toccata for Toy Trains

USA, 1957
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Communications Primer

USA, 1953
An exposition of all the essential elements of communication: message, signal, interference and reception, with a kaleidoscope of examples from calligraphy, painting, reading, storm signals etc., and… More »

Two Baroque Churches in Germany

USA, 1957
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The Information Machine

USA, 1959
A sophisticated and amusing demonstration of the relationship between man's creative activity and one of his most recent tools, the electronic computer. Award: Blue Ribbon, American Film Festival. ... More »

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