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Yugoslavia, 1957 (MIFF 1958, Programme 49)

Director: S. Jovanovic

A young and attractive schoolmaster arrives in a small, slumbering village on the endless Pannonian plains. The placid friendship of two Greek orthodox priests is disrupted when their respective wives try to foist their daughters on the new teacher. The film tells about the manoeuverings of the two mothers, and the plot is further complicated by the quarrel of the two priests leading to a hilarious fight in the church office. The priest and the sexton of the neighbouring village add their share of twist to the already involved story until, finally the bishop of the diocese unravels the tangle of gossip, accusations and scheming. The estranged priests make peace, their daughters find husbands and the schoolmaster finds out that it is not easy to get married, after all.

Based on a Serbian classic, this comedy is the first Yugoslav production in colour. The film delights with its riotously gay abandon and the clever evocation of the atmosphere of life in nineteenth century Serbia.

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