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China, 1959 (MIFF 1960, Programme 16)

Director: Wu Chao-ti

A modern story from China. It is mid-winter. In a city in Northeast China, a provincial ice-sports meeting is being held. In the women's 3,000 metres sprint Ting Shu-ping, a new star, unexpectedly defeats Wang Tung-yen who has been champion for many years. One of the spectators, Yu Li-ping, becomes fascinated by skating and determines to ask Shu-ping to teach her, but she looks for her in vain.

A few days later Shu-ping is invited to give an exhibition of skating in the school where Li-ping is a student and after the contest the two girls become friends. Shu-ping looks after the student when she is ill and the help is reciprocated when Shu-ping breaks her leg during a mountaineering accident.

One year later when Shu-ping's leg has healed she takes part with Li-ping in a big national skating meeting. This event arouses keen interest and Li-ping is expected to break the national record but during the contest she slows down in order to let Shu-ping come first.

Shu-ping seeks out Li-ping to explain that truth and honesty must come above all else. Li-ping, convinced, sets up a new record.

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