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Puerto Rico, 1958 (MIFF 1960, Programme 23)

Director: Amilcar Tirado

This film, which has participated in the Borgama, Venice and Edinburgh Festivals, is about the inquietude of youth in a rural community lacking recreational facilities.

Luciano cannot understand that his children have to play or that young men need recreation; all his life he has had to work and he thinks that is what they should learn from an early age. Jose, his eldest son, is in love with Carmela but he has little opportunity to enjoy her company. The young men of the "barrio" usually get together to drink liquor and play disc music and often return home drunk.

The mother talks the problem over with the neighbours and they organise a "fiesta". All join in the preparations except Luciano. His father disagrees with his attitude and goes on to the "fiesta". Jose scurries away to meet Carmela. When Luciano hears about this, he goes to the "fiesta" and severely rebukes Jose who returns home, packs his belongings and leaves. The grandfather prevents Luciano from going after his son, telling him that the reason the boy left is because of excessive sternness and austerity.

In the final scene the two younger children are playing ball and the ball falls at the feet of Luciano, who after a moment of indecision, grabs the ball and gives it back to the children.

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