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Germany, 1958 (MIFF 1959, Programme 24)

Director: R. Thiele

A daring critique of society based on the life-story of the blond courtesan Rosemarie Nitribitt, who also ran a profitable blackmailing sideline. Rosemarie was found murdered in her luxury apartment in Frankfurt in 1957, and the producers wasted no time developing this credible but fictitious story around this notorious character.

The several sophisticated songs in cabaret style, which have been woven into the main theme, are reminiscent of the Threepenny Opera. The story depicts the rapid rise of Miss Nitribitt from a street singer to a highly priced, popular strumpet, who is installed in a fashionable apartment. Her customers, all top industrialists, are encouraged to confide in her, and she makes good use of a concealed tape recorder.

Certain aspects of the "German economic miracle" — its splendour and two-faced morals — are revealed with hard-hitting satire and broad irony.

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