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Swedish Cinema Classics

Sweden, 1958 (MIFF 1961, Programme 7)

Director: Gardar Sahlberg

After several short sequences from early films, we learn how Charles Magnusson in 1912 engaged Victor Sjostrom, and thereby laid the foundations of the great Swedish silent cinema period. Extracts from a number of well-known features are then shown. Of Sjostrom's films we see Ingehorg Holm, 1913; Ter/s Vigen, 1916; and The Outlaw and His Wife, 1917. These are followed by further Sjostrom extracts from A Girl from the Marsh Croft, 1917; The Sons of Ingmar, 1918; and Karin, Daughter of Ingmar, 1919; all versions of stones by the Swedish writer, Selma Lagerlof. Scenes from A Lover in Pawn show Sjostrom in an unfamiliar comic role. We then see shots of the first Swedish Film City and of Sjostrom's cameraman, Julius Jaenzon, and finally there is an extract from Thy Soul Shall Bear Witness, 1920.

Of Stiiler's films we see extracts from Erotikon 1920, the well-known Lubitsch-like comedy, with Lars Hanson; and from three others, all based on Lagerlof stories: Sir Arne's Treasure, 3 919; Stiiler's masterpiece, Gunnar Hedes Saga, 1922, with Einar Hansson; and Gosfs Berling's Saga, 1923, the last film he made before leaving with Garbo, who appeared in it.

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