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Hungary, 1959 (MIFF 1961, Programme 14)

Director: Laszlo Ranódy

Set In a remote grange on the Great Hungarian Plain. this lyrical film-poem sketches the hardship and poverty of peasant life through a simple triangle story of a girl farmworkerr a young man and the farmers unhappy wife.

We are in1922. Sondor Varga, a young peasant lad, dreams of becoming a locksmith, but the realities of misery and poverty confront him. He is from a large family and his father has not returned from the war. Somdor takes service with farmer Bolint. There are four of them at the farm: the farmer, his wife Agnes, who is unhappy because she married against her will, Sondor, and Julis the orphaned servant girl who at first sight falls in love with theboy and loves him with the passion of first love. But Sondor sees only Agnes, how beautiful she is, and how unhappy, and only when she refuses with indignation his love, does he embrace the servant girl , . ,

As in Ranody's earlier works, this film has an honest, profound realism, achieved without effort in the succession of episodes, a restrained delicacy and tenderness of feeling in the blending of personal lives with the everyday rhythm of work on the farm. A film in the best Hungarian tradition — fresh and genuine,

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