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USSR, 1961 (MIFF 1962)

Director: Alexey Saltykov, Alexandre Mitta

Kolka Snegirev is a boy like any other, but his reaction to boredom is a positive one—often leading to disfavour, as in the classroom. He finds a "fellow-sufferer" in the new Pioneer leader, Sergey Rudenko, a truck driver who creates havoc in the already unruly group before proving himself. He eventually leads them to become the heroes of the school, but not before a great deal of fun has been had at the expense of the jingoistic aspects of the young Pioneers, formalistic, slogan-ridden Soviet education, the Soviet trade union system, and other factors which would once have been considered taboo for comedy.

"The Times" stated "This film has the freshness of Hue and Cry and the technical assurance of Tmfltaut". The work of two young students of the Moscow Institute of Cinematography, it is another example of the thaw in Russian film subject matter.

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