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UK, 1961 (MIFF 1962)

Director: Richard Cawston

As part of its 25th Anniversary commemoration. BBC-TV made this film on television in different countries, with special reference to those which are underdeveloped. It was made in nine countries spread across five Continents, and shows something of the people at home and the programmes they watch.

What emerges chiefly is the dependence of all countries, outside the East European bloc, on American films. Egypt relics on Hollywood Westerns with Arabic subtitles to help fill nine hours daily on two channels. Half a million viewers in Thailand see U.S. films half the time, and the same influence is at work in the new Nigerian network.

Also indicated is the technical know-how of the Japanese, who have six Tokyo channels, three in colour. The survey of the U.S. itself indicates the extent of advertising control, while in Brazil we see shanty-town dwellers spending two-thirds of their income to see programmes which are fifty per cent. commercials.

Previous films by the director-writer, Richard Cawston, which have been shown at past Mel¬bourne Festivals, are This Is The BBC and The Lawyers.

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