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Yugoslavia, 1963 (MIFF 1965)

Director: Alexander Petrovic

This is the story of one day in the life of a married woman. Her husband leaves early in the morning and she is left with a day on her hands. We watch her on the streets of Belgrade, doing her shopping striking up an acquaintance with a young man but all the time essentially alone in the bustle of the city. She runs into her new friend again, but their relationship only emphasises her utter loneliness and lack of purpose in life.

This is the first film directed by the young writer and cameraman, Alexander Petrovic. and the first film which is devoid of war or political overtones to reach this country from Yugoslavia. The heroine is observed with sympathy and the street scenes, the shops, the little everyday incidents are cleverly vignetied to provide a vibrant background to the simple story. A welcome light touch in the direction and a brisk tempo alternate with slower, lyrical mood pieces, bringing to the screen a new side of life and a new approach to the problems of the individual in Yugoslavia.

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