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Yugoslavia, 1971 (MIFF 1972)

Director: Boro Draskovic

The theme is a contemporary one, involving the social, ethical, and psychological problems of that symbol our times—the "anti-hero".

Marko, a young Yugoslav, travels abroad to satisfy his sense of adventure, and what he regards as the need to live a life different from that of his contemporaries.

After a sojourn in the United States. e returns home to Sarajevo, driving big sports car. On the way he picks up some girls, flirts with others, while awaiting the arrival of a rich ,American girl whom he seduced in the U.S. In the meantime, he falls in love with a beautiful young student, and becomes involved in an ignoble terrorist scheme. With his money running out, his pretence of success begins to wear thin and his efforts to maintain his image become increasingly desperate.

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