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Yugoslavia, 1971 (MIFF 1972)

Director: Bato Cengic

Here is a Marxist revolutionary comedy paying homage to both Karl and Groucho Marx.

The revolution, which came in 1945 together with liberation, was militarily rough, but also inspired a lot of creative comment.

The film looks at the relationship between the individual and the general soldier in the world today; between the family and the revolution. It delves into their interaction and exchange of experiences: the way in which a family learns the alphabet of the new events, and new poetry to recite and sing and. conversely, how the revolution comes to master old rituals. The question also raised is whether the aim of the revolution is total discipline or total freedom—a question which the first soldiers of freedom will be asking each other.

Occasionally stern and occasionally hilarious, the story shows what remains of a family when the revolution enters it. and also what remains of the revolution. Throughout, in a strongly anti-Stalinist vein, the film sends up many a socialist myth.

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