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Canada, 1964 (MIFF 1967, Programme D)

Director: David Secter

This film, set at the North American University of Toronto, was made by a young man who had just graduated, and who managed to capture faithfully the feel of life on the campus. The story examines a close friendship between two young men of vastly different background and temperament, who meet in residence: Doug, a brash senior from a business family, and Peter, a shy freshman from a mining town.

The rise and fall of their friendship is pictured against contrasts in the ivy-clad traditions and jet-age pressures at the university. The title is taken from T. S. Eliot's "The Waste Land": 'Winter kept us warm, covering earth in forgetful snow."' Doug and Peter develop a scintillating rapport, but it is as fleeting as the snow.

Semaine de la Critique, Cannes Festival; Special Jury Prize Montreal Festival; Special Award, Cinestud, Amsterdam.

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