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USA, 1967 (MIFF 1968, Programme 30)

Director: Felix Greene

Felix Greene, whose colourful China! was seen at the 1967 Festival, shows in his latest film, life in North Vietnam under conditions of intensive bombing. Mostly avoiding Hanoi, it concentrates on the smaller towns and villages, with their "foxhole" shelters everywhere, and on the places made uninhabitable by the devastation.

Despite the constant raids, which are so frequent that they have become a routine event, life goes on; crops are planted, production in the factories continues, teenagers keep repairing the roads and the bridges, Also included in the film are interviews with the Prime Minister, a girl factory worker, an army officer, and a captured U.S. pilot.

Felix Greene made the film single handed, under difficult conditions. Obviously partisan, it sets out to present a cluster of facts and statements on a point of view not normally, available to western audiences.

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