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UK, 1968 (MIFF 1969, Programme 32)

This film might have been called Grierson on Grierson on Documentary. The Grand Old Scot of the documentary film, the man who virtually coined the word "documentary" for the idea of making the cinema an observer of the changing world, now looks back on the adventure which he thinks has been the best thing in his life.

John Grierson drew around him people like Flaherty and Cavalcanti. He gave breaks to youngsters such as Anstey, Rotha, Humphrey Jennings. He even used a young poet called Auden and a young composer called Britten. "I've always wanted," he says, "to make the ordinary business of life look as splendid as possible."

In this tribute and compilation from some of his best known works, we are reminded of films like Drifters, Granlon Trawler, Coalface and Night Mail.

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