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Spain, 1979 (MIFF 1980, Programme 46)

Director: Francisco Bellmunt

This film is a ribald and bawdy tale.

It tells of the marital difficulties of a young specialist in sex problems who discovers that his wife has a lover. He sets out to adjust himself to the situation.

This leads to a broad sex comedy which proclaims itself as an examination of the male psyche. Described as a keyhole chronicle of the waiting room, it is full of games, dirty tricks, furtive beddings, premature ejaculations, Saturday high-kicks and family dinners.

A film of conscious vulgarity that nevertheless manages to be funny, wry and observant.

Francisco Belimunt — Born 1947

Feature Films — Bloody Pie (1973), Robin Hood Never Dies (1974), L 'Orgia (1978), Healthy Lust and Fun (1979).

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