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Children Painters of Lijiang River

People's Republic of China (MIFF 1981, Films on the Plastic Arts (1))

Director: Chen Zeren

Along the Lijiang River in southern China, the picturesque scenery is as beautiful as a Chinese painting. The landscape has long inspired the people of the region to compose poems and paint pictures. The five very young artists introduced in this film all live in the Lijiang region, and have been inspired by its natural beauty. The eldest is fen years old. He is Feng, an accomplished landscape painter. Gaoshan. also ten, paints lifelike goldfish. Four year old Yani is the youngest; her monkeys are lively and lovable. Axi, six and a half, specialises in kittens and cats. And seven year old Cheng Kaitao's portraits of bamboo seem to sway in the wind, just like real bamboo. The film not only introduces you to these children's art, but shows you something of their lives, as well as the famous Lijiang scenery, the source of their inspiration.

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