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Switzerland, 1979 (MIFF 1981, Animation (2))

Director: Fredi M. Murer

During an ordinary weekend. disconcerting things start to happen. Alfred. 37, employed as an electronic surveillance specialist with a big industrial concern, and his wife, Julia. who works at an ad agency, are both caught up in a vague feeling of unease which seems to be enveloping the country An anonymous advertisement placed in a daily paper announces the outbreak of a mysterious epidemic, which soon spreads rapidly.

While National Police Crisis Staff have banned all media coverage, pirate radio stations continue to broadcast information: those who are contaminated by the disease will either have to act of their own free will or fall into unending dreamless sleep. Alfred chooses the former On Monday morning he will expose his company's secret surveillance system ...

This hyper-realist science-fiction parable of life in Switzerland (and elsewhere) is Fredi M. Murer's first feature, a fictional fusion of his earlier experimental documentary' concerns — since 1962 he has made 11 films, some of which can best be described as a combination of ethnography and surrealism.

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