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Looking in the Fridge for Feelings

UK, 1980 (MIFF 1981, Problems)

Director: Clare Calder-Marshall

This film takes a look at an anti-diet way of coping with food problems. Susie Orbach, psychotherapist and author of Fat is A Feminist Issue, describes her approach: "If you throw away your diet sheets, you gradually become less greedy... if you're allowed to have a Mars Bar, you don't eat as many as if you're not allowed to have them." The aim of the group is to discover the emotional reasons for overeating, and to learn to eat in a normal way, which means breaking the pattern of bingeing/dieting.

This documentary shows two women, Carole and Diane, who have been struggling for years with problem eating. They come for the first time to a therapy group led by Susie Orbach. This is a one-off session, composed specially for the film and the theme is FOOD. Through fantasy and discussion, the women make surprising discoveries about their unconscious feelings for food and what lies behind the craving to eat.

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