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Spain, 1980 (MIFF 1981, New Directors)

Director: Ivan Zulueta

Jose Sirgado, a film director in his early thirties has just finished his second film and he is deeply dissatisfied Maybe it is because his relations with filmmaking are not as he had hoped Maybe heroin has left a deeper trace than the one he foresaw Maybe his break with Ana. who starred in his first film, is affecting him more When he comes home, both of them — Ana and heroin — are waiting for him as if nothing had changed It doesn't take long for Jose to fall into temptation. Is there no way out of such a vicious circle?

A mysterious package appears to come to help him Pedro is the sender Pedro is a child-adult to whom Jose paid very little attention when they met some time ago. but who now stands as the only possible answer to Jose's anguished SOS.

The strange course of Pedro's life, reflected in the picture and the tape that came in the package, take Jose to a point at which he reaches his limit.. . Ana sex. cinema, drugs ...

"During the spring of 1978 Rapture is about to become another short film in the Leo Es Pardo tradition, produced by Augusto M Torres, and in which the director Ivan Zulueta, would once more do everything, in a new try to apply the methods of Super-8 filming to the cinema of the commercial theatres.

In the original project there was only one aspect of the actual Rapture; it told the experience of a filmmaker who films himself while he is sleeping The experiment will absorb him. literally. and finish him, at least his visible image The theme had more than enough elements to investigate with the image, and make it a subject in itself that acquires different aspects depending on format emulsion, speed, reiteration, etc All the rules of the economic and "blown-up" short film were present in the experiment, but, on the other hand the action lacked conflict, it had no tensions The idea lacked something, a greater development, new situations and characters The project suffers a delay, and Zulueta discusses with Torres how crazy it would be to stick with the original idea, when they had the embryo of a passionate feature film Everything is abandoned for a while, when at a party they meet a rich woman from Bilbao who offers financial backing for a long film. That's the occasion Next day everything is confirmed, and in two weeks they have the first treatment of the story The rich lady abandons the project, but Rapture now can only be a feature film, and everybody decides to go on with the experiment.

All through the summer. Zulueta works on the screenplay, and in November the much-awaited opportunity appears Carlos Astiarraga, student in Cine-Plato, introduces Ivan to his brother Nicolas, an architect from Leon who has been thinking of getting into film production. He attends a screening of Un, dos, tres, al escondite ingles and some of Zulueta's shorts, reads the screenplay of Rapture, and there is a general agreement.”

Nicolas Astiarraga.

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