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France, 1980 (MIFF 1981)

Director: Claude Faraldo

Paul and Rene, two men in their forties. weary with life. One. a widower, has a 23 year-old daughter who hopes to become an actress The other is divorced and pays alimony to his ex-wife.

They live together, go on vacations together. This last vacation has been a washout and so is their return. They wreck their car and the return journey opens the road to protest and revolt. Paul is fed up He would like to "get a little poetry into life for once."

Paul and Rene tell the world to go to hell. They decide not to go back to the factory But how will they eat?

The heroes of Two Lions in the Sun protest straightforwardly. No more and no less It is not the homosexuality of Paul and Rene that is interesting, but rather that they master their misery together

I would like to demonstrate that a very particular lifestyle can make a person virtually impotent He will try every possible way to get free of this feeling of helplessness. Whether he succeeds in doing so is another question.

Everything is possible in the cinema My heroes consider themselves to be neither particularly in the right or in the wrong Alone or together they search for the truth, that which could help them to get away, to get out. to free themselves."

Claude Faraldo

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