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Italy, 1981 (MIFF 1982)

Director: Pier Giuseppe Murgia

Matteo, Sara, Luca, Maddalena and Giovanni meet in Rome in 1977 during a clash between police and college students. They set up a communal house and take part in demonstrations. The police move in and destroy the house, killing Maddalena. They react by assassinating Luca's father, a general, and commit themselves to the road to terrorism.

This film is a critique of terrorism from the left-wing. It paints a picture of the genesis of a typical terrorist cell, tracing their political choices from 1977 to final armed revolt. Made by a co-operative, the film attempts to look dispassionately at a taboo subject. It does this in a thoughtful way, enhanced considerably by the performances of the young and unknown actors, particularly Christina Donadio as the feminist radicalized by the police killing of a girl at a demonstration. The film shared the New Director's Prize at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

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