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West Germany, 1981 (MIFF 1982)

Director: Rosa von Praunheim

Russia shortly after the October Revolution: Lenin has just announced "the new economic phase". A partial reversion to capitalist economic methods is permitted. The love story of Wassilissa and Vladimir is set in these times. They have known each other since pre-revolutionary days, but they have both changed a great deal. The old ideals have vanished. Vladimir has made a career and is determined to force Wassilissa to return to old behaviour patterns. Their relationship breaks down.

Red Love is dedicated to the radicalism of two women: 1919 — Alexandra Kollontai, Minister in the first government under Lenin. In her melodramatic short novel she portrays the New Woman, Wassilissa, who defends herself against her patriarchal husband. 1982 — Helga Goetze, who rebels against our still inhibited patriarchal society. She is the New Woman. In the film, Kollantai's novel is depicted with grandiose settings and purposefully-naive actors. Helga Goetze is interviewed in poor-quality video. Both women have something in common: they can no longer live in a two-person relationship in which they are oppressed.

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