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UK / USA, 1982 (MIFF 1984)

Director: Nicholas Roeg

A very complex film composed of a series of interlocking pieces which all have a significance beyond just being part of the story—obsession, destruction, the many facets of the human condition being the key words

It is the story of a gold prospector in Canada who in 1925 makes a fabulously rich strike and then withdraws from the world to live in solitude on his own Caribbean island, one of the richest men on earth.

His one obsession is his daughter Tracy, whose marriage to a handsome French playboy, Claude, he bitterly resents, convinced that Claude is a fortune hunter. Determined to settle his account with the unwanted son-in-law, Jack falls into the hands of a mafia chieftain whose secret plan is to set up a casino on the island, and who does not refrain from extremely violent means in order to reach his end.

Tracy and Claude emerge from the complicated web of conspiracy and murder unharmed and happily plan their future together, but with each uncomfortably aware of the flaws exposed in their relationship during the events.

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