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Netherlands, 1983 (MIFF 1984)

Director: Paul Verhoeven

In the hands of the successful Dutch film trio, producer Rob Houwer, Director Paul Verhoeven and scriptwriter Gerad Soetemna, Gerard Reve's spirited, ironical novel develops into and intriguing, atmospheric blend of realism and fantasy.

Although the protagonist, a gay writer, is also called Gerard Reve, who lives in Amsterdam, has to attend a conference in a coastal town. At the train station, he is smitten by a young man waiting for the train to Cologne.

Gerard spends the night with a mysterious woman-- and discovers the photograph of the young man from the station in her s room. He learns that the object of his desire is her fiancee whom she has to fetch from in Germany.

Thus Gerard decides to stay on a few days in the hope of meeting the fiancee --and to seduce him. While the woman is away on her mission, Gerard discovers that's she has had three husbands who all died in accidental deaths. Is he top be the fourth? The highly successful partnership of Verhoven and Houwer is also responsible for “Business is Business”(1971), ” Turkish Delight”(1972 ), ” Cathy Tippel” (1975), and ”Solider of Orange”

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