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Jean Marie Straub & Danielle Huillet at Work

Germany, 1984 (MIFF 1985)

Director: Harun Farocki

This film was shot over four days during the making of Straub-Huillet's Class Relations, in which Farocki was involved as an actor. The Straubs' literary reference was Franz Kafka's Amerika and their pilot project towards It En Rachachant was shown in last year's Alternatives section. Given the unavailability of Class Relations, it seemed important to show something of their working methods (captured for the first time on film by a very perceptive and sympathetic observer); also to point out a connection with Marguerite Duras' film which is based on her novel Alt' Ernesto: the other side of the literary coin for the Straubs' En Rachachant.

- Don Ranvaud

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