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28 UP

UK, 1984 (MIFF 1986)

Director: Michael Apted

In 1963 Granada Television commissioned Michael Apted and Paul Almond to produce 7 UP — a 40 minute documentary based on interviews with 14 seven-year-old children from diverse class and regional backgrounds. The children talked candidly about their ambitions, their hopes and their plans for a career, a family and marriage. 7 UP was immensely successful and Apted revisited his subjects every seven years producing 14 UP (1970). 21 UP (1977) and now 28 UP (1984). Of the group, which represent a cross section of rural and urban inhabitants, none have died, two have emigrated (one to Australia and one to the US), another has dropped out of society, and two from the upper class declined to be ■ reinterviewed for this latest instalment. Apted has skilfully re-edited parts of the other three films into 28 UP.

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