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France, 1985 (MIFF 1986)

Director: Jean Marboeuf

Gaston and Victor work at the same department store and are firm friends Gaston has been married for 20 years to the lovely, caring Madeleine, while Victor is a bachelor ceaselessly seeking new sexual partners and bringing his friend stories of one exciting conquest after another. The domesticated Gaston is painfully jealous of Victor, while Victor yearns for domesticity and stability. Pierre. Gaston's older brother has a younger wife. but is wracked with jealousy as he suspects she is cheating on him. And she is — with Victor among others — and when she's hit by a bus while hurrying home from an assignment. Pierre is as affected by the fact that she wasn't wearing panties at the time as he is by her death ... it's the discovery of an unheralded little gem like VAUDEVILLE that makes festival going worthwhile.

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