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Germany, 1976 (MIFF 1978)

Director: Erwin Keusch

Erwin Keusch's comedy describes the troubles of a small baker in an age of automation and supermarket sales. A young man becomes an apprentice baker in a small town. After ten years, having passed all his tests and worked briefly in a large bread company, he returns to the town to help out his former boss.

Cut-price competition from the new supermarket is affecting his trade, so the owner installs modern equipment. But the quality of the bread suffers and things go from bad to worse. The young man has a couple of unsatisfactory love affairs, but the centre of interest is the bakery itself, and the problems of small craftsmen facing inflation and sophisticated production and marketing practices.

Edwin Keusch

Born in Zurich:1946. His Mother had small grocer's shop, his Father worked in a bakery. In 1954, his parent's finally bought their own baker's shop.

Apprentices (1972), The Baker's Bread (1976)

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