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USA, 1988 (MIFF 1988, Children's and Young People's Film Festival)

Director: Ken Annakin

The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking is based on the enormously popular series of books by Astrid Lindgren. Separated from her father when their ship capsizes at sea, Pippi moves into the Villa Villekulla with Alfonso and Mr Neilson. She meets Tommy and Annika and immediately begins to bedazzle them with her tales of pirates' gold, tropical islands and wild Indians, and her vast array of Pippi tricks like lifting her horse up over her head and "skating the house clean" with scrub brushes strapped on to her feet. When the stealthy Mr Blackmore, a greedy land developer, is determined to steal Pippi's home and send her to the orphanage, she and her friends sneak away on a homemade autogiro and embark on a river adventure. Once rescued from a near disaster at the edge of a cascading waterfall, the kids return home, but only to have Pippi besieged by the townsfolk and forced into the county orphanage. Frustrated and at the end of her rope, Pippi encounters The Glue Man, a magical, mystical character who helps her to regain her confidence and escape the orphanage in order to get an SOS off to her father. Upon returning to the county home, Pippi finds the building ablaze. Through her phenomenal strength and uncanny confidence, Pippi is able to save the children from the raging fire and become the town heroine—just in time to greet her father, who has returned from the seas to reclaim his princess.

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