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Canada / Poland, 1986 (MIFF 1988, Children's and Young People's Film Festival)

Director: Waldemar Dzicki

The Young Magician is the fourth feature film in Rock Demar's ongoing series of family films. A truly international production, this multi-award winning film is a delightful story about youthful discovery - the discovery of the potential that exists within us all

Peter finds himself on the verge of everything, yet master of nothing. Certainly he isn't master of his feelings for Margret, who seems more taken with his arch rival, Mike In his youthful frustration, nothing provides solace for his spirit except fantasy and illusions. When Peter discovers he has supernatural powers to move objects with his mind, his life is thrown into chaos and he becomes a social outcast. That is, until he learns he is able to exert control,through practice and concentration. His triumph is all the sweeter as he shows the adult world how stubbornly he is prepared to struggle in the face of adversity

Renowned Polish director Krzysztof Zanussi head of the 'Tor' Film Unit put Dziki in touch with Demers - the result is an international film, shot in Poland with all dialogue in English.

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