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Canada, 1991 (MIFF 1992, Documentaries)

Director: Adrienne Mitchell, Janis Lundman

A world of B-girls and B-boys, browners, normals, thrashers, posers and posses. In this 'Canadian 35-Up', filmmakers Adrienne Mitchell and Janis Lundman document the day-to-day lives of five, fifteen-year-old girls over the course of one year.

Talk 16 shows the unique conflicts, fears and desires of these young women as they face a bewildering array of influences: sex, drugs, gangs and competing youth cultures. Shot in a warm cinema verite style, the film is a tribute to the trust the filmmakers were able to establish with their subjects. Sometimes shocking, at other times sobering, Talk 16 is, above all, a journey of discovery and reflection. It results in an unprecedented document of Canada's con­temporary, young female generation who are revealed to have much in common with their Australian counterparts.

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