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UK, 1991 (MIFF 1991, Documentaries)

Director: Ron Peck

Director's Note "For twelve years I carried around with me a dozen film cans of film cut from a feature I made in 1978 called Nighthawks. The original running time of that film was around four hours. Too long. But I couldn't throw those cut scenes out with the garbage. The reasons were part sentimental, but part political. The original film was about a man trying to form relationships in the emerging gay world. Nobody filmed those kinds of things in Britain then. I thought one day the material might add up to something, somehow...

Last year I opened those cans for the first time in twelve years. With the help of Paul Hallam, my collaborator on Nighthawks, and Adrian James Carbutt, a musician, I started putting it all together. I shot some new material on tape and collected any scraps I could find that seemed to have a connection with that film - photos, old magazines, student films. Super 8 film shot twenty years ago. All this disparate material began to find its own strange shape and I ended up making a partial autobiography about being gay in Britain between 1962 and 1990. It seemed a story worth telling."- Ron Peck

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