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Sex and Locomotives

Canada, 1992 (MIFF 1993, Architecture & Design)

Director: John Martens-Manteiga

It is Paris, circa 1890, and a young boy boards New York Central's legendary train, the Twentieth Century Limited. The journey takes him across two continents and two centuries, rush­ing him through a ravishingly cinematic kaleidoscope of epoch-making imagery to his ultimate destination, the St Louis World's Fair of 1904. En route he falls in love, an awakening that rivals his obsession with the beauty of machines. Imagine a boy who is witness to the invention of the light bulb, the telephone, the automobile, the airplane, film and radio. Imagine the vision of Raymond Lowery — that boy grown into the "father of Industrial Design' — who was responsible for (to name only two) Lucky Strike packaging and the Studebaker's stylish lines and you begin to imagine the source of his, and this beautiful film's, inspiration.

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