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Verna Appliance

Australia, 1993 (MIFF 1994, Fiction)

Director: Jeremy Lines

The electrifying tale of Verna and Cosmonaut Sivik. After the shocking death of her lover, Verna is alone. Meanwhile, orbiting in space, Cosmonaut Sivik becomes bacterially infected due to a malfunction in the sanitary unit. Verna watches Sivik on the telly as he lapses into dementia and the telecast is consumed by static. The loneliness of his seclusion is contagious and Verna is afflicted. Shock! Sivik pays a visit to Verna. He haunts her like a bad conscience, consoles her in the emptiness of her loss. Can she escape Sivik's omnivorous pursuit? Superbly photographed, this eerie and ironically humorous tale explores the experience of isolation and loneliness.

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