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A Place in the Sun

UK, 1994 (MIFF 1995, Fiction)

Director: Constantine Giannaris

Athens has changed over the past few years. The neighbouring nations came to town when the curtain came down... Albanians, Romanians and others... but hey, that's life in the Balkans. Faraway neighbours one day, love-hate siblings and lovers the next. It's a lively mix and the streets are thankful for it.

For Ilias, Athens is home. His city of colour, his place in the sun. He cruises the night streets on the lookout for an adventure, a change in fortune. He finds it in Panayoitis - cute, broke and newly arrived from Albania.

Poverty and wealth are bickering lovers in a scheme where fear holds the greatest currency. Fear of having your throat slit for a measly thousand drachmas. Ilias thinks love demands a compromise. We always pay for love.

Director Constantine Giannaris has created a profound and infatuating portrayal of a changing city famed for its past but living in the heartaches of the present. (LH)

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