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USA / South Africa, 1994 (MIFF 1995, Youth Film Festival)

Director: Amie Williams

This moving and empowering independent doc­umentary follows the experiences of five multi-ethnic students from LA who travel to South Africa and live with South African students in black townships after the supposed dismantling of apartheid and arrive home to the 1992 LA riots. The students were given video cameras to document their experiences and utilised the footage as travel diaries. The documentary chronicles their experiences and insights whilst in South Africa as weli as returning to the stu­dents 12 months later to reflect on their experi­ence and the impact that the trip has had on their lives and future goals.

Uncommon Ground asks one basic question: from Soweto to South Central LA what is it that young people are seeing and experiencing and how can their concerns be addressed in the media and society at large?

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