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Canada, 1996 (MIFF 1997, International)

Director: Bruce McDonald

Hard Core Logo is the top draw Canadian punk rock band, that is, if it was a real group. Director Bruce McDonald is only too familiar with mixing truth and outrageous fiction in order to craft his usually hilarious, often irrev­erent, always brilliant films. What his Roadkill did to serial killers and Highway 61 to the rambling road movie, Hard Core Logo does to the music concert/tour film.

After a hugely successful reunion/benefit gig for their mentor, double-amputee Bucky Haight, Hard Core Logo decide to take their show on the road: one band, one van, five cities, 4000 kilome­tres and 1500 cigarettes in five days! Every aspect of band relationships is scrutinised, teased apart or exploded in this side-splitting film: rivalry, drug and alcohol consumption, money, groupies, the music, the fans, accommodation, career... Hard Core Logo succeeds because it is presented poker-faced and is so close to the bone it's painful. Fans of the music; former, current and hopeful mem­bers of bands beware, Hard Core Logo will shatter any showbiz illusions you may have.

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