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Germany, 1996 (MIFF 1997, International)

Director: Martin Walz

New York. A condom holds the city hostage. The body count is rising as this living, squirming, and worst of all biting - right off! - rubber, grips the city in prophylactic panic. When Inspector Luigi Mackeroni loses a testicle to the latex menace, the case becomes personal. He managers to blow the lid off a cult of supervillians bent on eliminating New York's sexual deviants. Their weapon: The Killer Condom

This politically incorrect parody, has a busy plot and ferociously realised characters, espe­cially Udo Samuel (star of Far Away, So Close and Kasper Hauser) as Inspector Mackeroni - com­plete with hard-boiled film noir voiceover.

Killer Condom is a kinky, kinetic blend of crime drama, sci-fi, horrific special effects and outrageous humour. Described by Variety as a "gleefully bad taste cross between Police Squad and Sledge Hammer!" it is destined for cult status.

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