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USA, 1996 (MIFF 1997, International)

Director: Christopher Guest

Christopher Guest - central to This Is Spinal Tap as the bard in blonde bangs, Nigel Tuffnal - directed, starred in and scripted Waiting For Guffman. It boasts the same hysterical improv/mockumentary style, tearing mercilessly into everything that America holds dear.

When the Blaine locals elect to celebrate the 150th. anniversary of the founding of their Missouri burg by staging a celebratory musical, failed Broadway dancer turned high-school drama coach, Corky St. Claire, takes the helm. What follows is a ludicrous farce laced with abundant ego, vanity, delusion and bathos.

Staged interviews with the cast along with fly on-the-wall footage of meetings and rehearsal! lead to the climactic cringe - opening night a their woeful endeavour. The event is made all the more hilarious to watch knowing that the dopey dentist, tiresome travel agents, macho mechanic and ditzy ' Dairy Queen' employee that make up the cast are all convinced that an influentia Broadway producer will be attending their debut.

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