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The Masks

USA, 1964 (MIFF 1996, Ida Lupino - Director)

Director: Ida Lupino

"Mr. Jason Foster, a tired ancient who on this particular Mardi Gras evening will. leave the earth. But before departing he has some things to do, some services to perform, s some debts to pay and some justice to meter out. This is New Orleans, Mardi Gras time It is also the Twilight Zone"

Lupino's contribution to the ground breaking; Rod Serling series (she was the only woman to direct an episode, and the only person to both star in-The Sixteen Millimetre Shrine-and direct! an episode) is a classic of the genre. Dealing! with the nastier human traits-vanity, cruelty, greed and Ignorance-Lupino's mastery of the mobile camera (her fluid use of crane & dolly shots) and designer William Turtle's makeup, artisry combine to create a memorable paean| to the grotesque. (AH)

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