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Austria, 1996 (MIFF 1996, Experimental)

Director: Gustav Deutsch

Film Speaks Many Languages is a reworking of 21 fragments of a feature film made in India found in Casablanca and reworked in Vienna used to (re)construct a one minute story in four parts dictated by the original material.

1 Words 2 Locations 3 Themes 4 Colours

1 Film , Horse drawn carriage, Love, Orange

2 Speaks, Swimming pool, Jealousy , Turquoise

3 Many, Petrol station, Crime , Violet

4 Languages, Bar, Business Dealings, Blue

The length of each fragment is as found the sequences re ordered and separated from the others by a single monochromatic frame Each of the four headings has a colour and a word assigned to it. The pieces are preserved as found and seen as a film object—the accumulated damage dirt soundtiack and perforation are all visible. (MS)

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