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USA, 1997 (MIFF 1998, International Panorama)

Director: Jon Moritsugu

An ultra low budget trash masterpiece by a director whose previous works have included Hippy Porn and Mod Fuck Explosion - which may give you some idea of where we're headed. Three vaguely connected stories unfold before the audience's shocked sensibilities; preposterous plot devices and outrages piling one atop the other. Jody George is a totally obnoxious super brat and international tennis champ. He refers to himself in the third person and attempts to sabotage a crucial tournament with a combination of laziness, greed, ego, debauchery, death wish and stupidity. Sophie is a wealthy but talentless whiner who has hired a sycophantic but fiery assistant to help her launch a music, art, photography, literary and film career - a simple enough request. Lastly there's George, a compassionate pound employee trying to find homes for stray pooches with the help of his oversized, profane and drunken imaginary friend Mr Peepers, a six foot St Bernard.

While there are obvious John Waters references in Fame Whore, the film is by no means derivative. Director Jon Moritsugu displays a classic and timeless trash sensibility combining camp, scandalous behaviour, outrageous characterisations, obnoxious humour and scatological slapstick.

Will our heroes find contentment or will they become victims of their own delusions? Didn't anyone tell Jody George not to play with hair dryers in the bathtub and what will happen to wise-cracking fantasy Mr Peepers when a 'real' employee comes to take his place? Jon Moritsugu promises to answer these and and plenty more unpleasant questions in the winner of Best Feature at the New York and Honolulu Underground Film Festivals.

Jon Moritsugu's film career has consisted of launching fusillades against American institutions like family, fame, teen angst and rock & roll. Early shorts like Sleazy Rider indicated that Moritsugu would either be a force or scourge to be reckoned with. Moritsugu's films include Hippy Porn (1991), Terminal USA (1993) and Mod Fuck Explosion (1994).

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