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USA, 1997 (MIFF 1998, International Panorama)

Director: Don Roos

"Whether in spite of, or reaction to, the dulling effect of political correctness, there is a bold new movement in the independent film world. Comedies are leading the pack this year, and none is as refreshing as the darkly sardonic romp, The Opposite of Sex.

Bill (Martin Donovan, Malcolm X, Trust, Amateur, Simple Men, Flirt) is gay. An English teacher in a quaint Indiana town, he lives with his sexy new boyfriend Matt (Ivan Sergei), who is also gay (or so you would think) and spends time with best friend Lucia (Lisa Kudrow), the sister of his late lover. Enter Dedee (Christina Ricci, The Addams Family). Bill's sixteen year-old half sister who comes from a lot farther than the wrong side of the tracks. Dedee, who makes Hayley Mills looks like Saint Bernadette, arrives unannounced on her brother's doorstep and wreaks havoc on the lives of everyone she encounters.

It is not surprising that the script for The Opposite of Sex is full of ironic, dry wit. Don Roos, an established screenwriter making his directing debut, knows how to extract comedy from the truth. He and cast create moments that walk the line between camp and pathos. You don't have to look too closely to find politics are not far beneath the surface. The film successfully exposes and plays with homophobia and human values on many levels in a humorous and entertaining way. In The Opposite of Sex, Roos pokes all our tender spots until he gets the reaction he wants," - John Cooper, 1998 Sundance Film Festival

Don Roos was born in 1955 in New York, and began writing and producing for television in 1981. His first produced screenplay, Love Field (1992), won Michelle Pfeiffer an Academy Award nomination for her performance. He also wrote Single White Female (1992), Boys on the Side (1995) and the remake of Diabolique. The Opposite of Sex marks Roos' directorial debut.

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