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USA, 1997 (MIFF 1998, Animagic)

Director: Bill Plympton

It's Akira with humour, Roadrunner wilh humans, an animated Pulp Fiction! Bill Plympton's animated masterpiece - built for adults who don't care about political correctness - is an insanely funny romp into a bizarre world governed by the cartoonist's surreal mind. Newlyweds Grant and Kerry find their relationship tested when Grant (via an unsightly growth on the back of his neck) suddenly develops the power to turn daily fantasies into reality. What's a woman to do when her husband makes bees stream out of his mother-in-law's orifices? What will the neighbours think when the lawn decides to fight back against the lawn mower? Three men - a media mogul, an army colonel and a failed comedian who just wants to be funny again - are all on the chase to exploit Grant's power for their own purposes.

Plympton single-handedly made his blackest of comedies without the aid of computers. Thousands of drawings were photocopied onto cells, which were then painted and filmed with backgrounds. Plympton's use of watercolours is his signature, an exaggerated look with forms twisting and turning, bubbling out of the frame. Plympton exploits all of his artistic skills in exaggerating the simplest events into absurdity. Within these hand-drawn cells lies the most violent and comical battle scene ever, not to mention the most grotesque sex scene ever foisted on the public.

Distorted facial features are warped further by ever-changing camera angles. The film constanlly surprises as the plot becomes more and more dangerous and fun. Filled with a constant barrage of sex, violence and mania, I Married a Strange Person is bound to offend, excite and entertain just about everybody.

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