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Canada, 1999 (MIFF 2000, International Panorama)

Director: Louis Bélanger

Post Mortem is a strange, absorbing tale of love, crime and redemption. The film focuses on two people, Linda and Ghislain, whose lives are linked in a unique way. Linda is devoted to her five-year-old daughter, Charlotte, and she'll do just about anything to provide for her—lie, steal and beat up men. She has perfected the fine art of picking up well-do-to men, taking them to secluded spots, knocking them out and robbing them. Her life of crime works quite well until one day a rich American turns the tables on her.

Ghislain is an introverted morgue night attendant, whose only pleasure in life comes from listening to vintage blues tunes. One day he is arrested for rape, and through flashbacks we discover his connection to Linda. A twisted love story that is both a deconstruction of the form and deeply moving, Post Mortem benefits from vivid performances by the two lead actors. Shot in gritty cinema-verite style, Belanger has made a film of immense power.

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