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Spain, 1999 (MIFF 2000, International Panorama)

Director: Mateo Gil

With a dazzling cast, eye-popping special effects and delicious plot twists, this new thriller sends Spanish cinema into the 21st century with a rush. It is the height of Seville's Holy Week, an event that paralyses the city and inspires religious fervour. Simon makes his living devising crossword puzzles for a local newspaper, helped by his flatmate, Sapo. When Simon receives a threatening message to include the word adversary' in the next puzzle, he takes it as a bad joke, but decides to include it anyway. Soon, a chain of destruction and violence engulfs the city. Curiosity takes hold of Simon, as he uncovers a chain of events that lead him to a series of related murders. When he is witnessed discovering the body of a priest, naked in the lap of a statue of the Virgin Mary, he becomes the prime suspect. Simon soon begins to wonder if he is the unwilling participant in a city-wide role-playing game. Both original and intriguing, Nobody Knows Anybody is a stylish inclusion in this year's Festival.

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