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Australia, 2000 (MIFF 2000, Australian Showcase)

Director: Garth Davis

Parking Infringement Notification System or Pricks In Nerdy Suits: these are the two possible explanations offered for the acronym of the title by director Garth Davis. His profile of three Melbourne parking inspectors—not exactly a topic you'd kick doors down to see—turns out to be one of the most compelling Australian documentaries of the year. Davis took his camera deep into the personal and professional lives of Warwick, Paul and Rob, capturing both the violent abuse they cop in the course of their rounds, as well as the turmoil of their after-hours existence. The three emerge as a trio of oddballs, each eccentric in their own special way. Warwick, a humanitarian, the nice guy parking officer; he is lenient, understanding, a good husband, former swimming champ and an obsessive wrestling fan. Over the course of PI.N.S. his marriage disintegrates before the camera. Paul, the pretty boy, a compulsive body builder, dumped by his long-term girlfriend for being insufferably vain. Paul cannot accept the break up and, before the film is over, his behaviour is approaching stalking status. Rob, Mad Max wannabe, every motorist's nightmare, a mean streak and $45 fine constantly at the ready. Three lives, one amazing film.

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