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USA, 2000 (MIFF 2000, Documentaries)

Director: Pola Rapaport

Family Secret centres on a letter from Romania that inspires a New York filmmaker to take a trip half way around the world to meet the brother that she never knew she had. Pola Rapaport and her step-brother, Pierre Radulescu-Banu have one thing in common, a father who died 25 years earlier. A secretive man whose last words reportedly were 'Be discreet", the film explores the ramifications of his mysterious life on all of them. The film offers a unique and intimate view of immigration, the persecution and displacement of European Jews and East-bloc Communism versus the American system. This emotional film takes the viewer on a journey where the value of honest and open expressions of the truth is the touchstone of human relations. Family Secret is a highly personal film that uses voice-overs, archival footage, letters and stunning images of Paris, Bucharest and New York, to welcome the viewer into the enigmatic world of the Rappaport family.

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