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Switzerland / France, 1998 (MIFF 2000, Documentaries)

Director: Samira Gloor-Fadel

Anyone who cares about cinema will relish Berlin-Cinema (Titre Provisoire). Ambitious and illuminating, this documentary focuses on two of cinema's great masters—Wim Wenders and Jean-Luc Godard—in exploring the city of Berlin. Described in poetic images, Berlin is slowly revealed through visual evocations of memory and forgetfulness, emptiness and space, as reference is made to Lang, Ozu, Antonioni, Fassbinder, Ford and the Lumiere Brothers. Wenders and Godard discuss cinema, the origins of documentary and fiction, how formulas have replaced stories and how beautiful stories can be. The thoughts are fragments, but fragments of a highly illuminating nature.

"What could give one greater pleasure than hearing from two of the cinema's masters: while ruminating on a city whose history is full of contradiction and destruction but which still occupies a predominant position in Europe?"— Toronto Film Festival

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